Restless Life Drawing

Brand Identity

During our day at work, home or school, we can feel burnt out, over-caffeinated, anxious, exhausted, competitive, indecisive, thrilled... restless. Sometimes these feeling sit with us, unable to be released through a useful outlet. Restless Life Drawing was a productive place for guests to release their emotions throughout the day — using life drawing as a healthy method.

Classes ran for 60 minutes. Sixty model poses. One sketch per minute. The class's fast-paced rhythm invited guests to think less, draw more, and re-direct their energy productively. At the end of the session, guests usually leave with a sense of contentment from the highly focused mental exertion. Not too similar to the end of an F45 class.

Class sketches

The Restless brand identity sought to capture the restlessness and ephemeral structure of the practice. The logo wordmark sits stationary before changing positions – much like the models. The drawings that link the letters reflect the detail-less sketches drawn in a frenzy. Every touchpoint of the brand needed to feel like it was always moving and changing. Always restless. From the ripped information cards and animation to the A-frame signage with graffitied drawings building on top of one another. Restless was a class for anyone and everyone to benefit from.

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